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it is pretty funny to imagine all these guys taking acid so that they can meet God in order to figure out new ways to make sure everyone agrees that there's only 2 genders or whatever. "I slipped the surely bonds of earth to touch the face of God and he said my grandpa wasn't actually an asshole for being racist"

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Yasha, do you know the documentary "The Net" (2003) by artist and filmmaker Lutz Dammbeck? It touches upon many issues you're interested in. It's a very different take on the Unabomber story (he and Dammbeck actually exchanged letters). The film tries to take his critique of the industrial society somewhat seriously by tracing the origins of the internet to ARPA and so on. Dammbeck also interviews people like Stewart Brand and John Brockman who he tries to confront with Kaczynski's ideas. I think, it's a great supplement to your book. It's on Youtube (if you haven't seen it yet):


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...I remember reading the Whole Earth Catalog in Mankato, MN--a college town, but a small town. My impression is that it had great reach and, of course, since it was pre-digital, all that reach was in physical print. This by way of saying, yeah, I think Brand or somebody HAD to be making money off this thing...

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Fantastic episode you guys!

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