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Nice piece, quite enjoyed it. I got my doctorate in History working on nationalism. My diss was about the relationship of nationalism to liberalism and the construction of a national history in Mexico. To put it into a broader context, a classic short work on the subject was by Hobsbawm and it offers a nice general context for this piece. He traces the transition in the nation/nationalism from its universalist nature in the French Revolution as "citizen" where all were part of the nation as a citizen of the nation/state of France to its transition following the failures of the liberal Revolutions of 1848 into a particularist and exclusionary ethnic/linguistic reactionary form of nationalism that emerged in Eastern and Central Europe. You may know it and if so my apologies, it's the history professor in me.


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Have you read Harvest of Despair life and death under Nazi rule in Ukraine by Karel Berkhoff? It has some really interesting sections on ethnic identity and political loyalties of Ukrainians during occupation. Reread it after your last couple episodes, keep up great work!

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