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I woke up at 5 today shaking in anger looking at a fresh batch of “I stand with Israel” avatars of my “progressive liberal” Moscow friends. The majority of them has no Jewish affiliation whats so ever. It’s nauseating and I don’t want to speak to any of them ever again. But I will, and I will do my best to appeal to their conscience and humanity. I don’t have a hope but I will be trying.

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Thank you Yasha. Bless you. Just keep working- we need your work.

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Watching the history of Israel play out is like a glimpse backward in time to the British colonization of the New World and American westward expansion - but with better weapons. All the way down to the way Palestinians are portrayed as sub-human or savages to be civilized or exterminated. Really sad and deplorable, but the Israel Lobby is extremely powerful and wealthy so the propaganda runs deep in the West.

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I posted a French translation of your article on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/gilbertg7/posts/10226532278517622

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Okay to say your a mensch?

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Great article, but really sad situation.

Reminds me of something said by my late father - who escaped Nazi Germany with his life at the last minute in 1939, right before the beginning of WW2 - namely that the Israelis can be regarded as the Nazis of the Middle East. As YL writes, with an ideology based on ethnonationalism, "messianic ethnic cleansing and blood-and-soil thinking".

And sadly the Zionist project has itself has served eradicate Jewish culture in Europe and the Arab Middle East to a large degree, continuing the work of European Fascism. For example, the once vibrant Sephardic population of Bulgaria - which was saved from destruction by actions of a few courageous politicians, intellectuals and the leaders of the Orthodox Church - was induced to leave for Israel - to the extent of 90% - after the war. And likewise throughout the Middle East and elsewhere. And, as YL points out, inducing Soviet Jews to leave was the next step in this process...

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The “God” that Israelis worship comes from a belief that combines a God of anger that will punish transgressions, and a God of love who through mercy will forgive the repentant sinner. These two facets of Creative Power, when presented in this light, resemble our human temper. This clumsy anthropomorphic caricature of the cosmic mystery only enhances our self smugness. The Palestinians ask themselves and the world; just how many tyrants can such a “God of judgement “ breed?

Here’s some wisdom, for “God’s chosen”.....

Within the Field of Knowing, their exists a divine

Knower. Within this Knower, subjects and objects are joined to each other in a connection, a relationship, a marriage.....

Not of antagonism, but of reciprocation, of cooperation. Humanity can fully enjoy this relationship experientially, only by losing oneself and then finding ourselves in the perceived “other” object. It is then that one can begin to live in it imaginatively and constructively. At this point we have begun to transcend the pairs.

A Taoist Master, Chuang Tzu, delineates this transcendence of the pairs as ‘placing oneself in subjective relation with externals, without consciousness of their objectivity’, or, in other words, ‘transferring oneself into the position of the things viewed’.

Hey Israel!!!!

Learn to see as the divine Seer sees

Learn to know as the unconditioned knower knows

Chaung Tzu has a tip for you... stop!!!!!!

‘wearing out one’s intellect in an obstinate adherence to the individuality of things, not recognizing the fact that all things are one.’

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Long but comprehensive piece from Chris Hedges.


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Here’s a question for Jewish immigrants spread out around the globe and are living vicariously through the Israeli war machine....

Through many dark hours

I’ve been thinking about this

That peace, love, and mercy

Were betrayed by a kiss

But I can’t think for you

You’ll have to decide

Whether the country

Yer rootin’ for

Has god on it’s side

( my apologies to mr. zimmerman)

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