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Just a quick note on Realism.

The intellectual origins of this theoretical lens can be traced to German and American political discussions ( among people like Hans Morgenthau, Max Weber, Carl Schmitt) on what it means to be a world power, especially in a geo-political sense (spheres of influence, balance of power, national interest, buffer zones etc.).

In essence, the Realist framework is largely an ideological justification for empire whether U.S.,Russian or German. An excellent book on this topic is. Matthew Specter "The Atlantic Realists: Empire and International Political Thought between Germany and the United States (2022)."

I have a feeling you unique perspective on the war is costing you some subscribers among the more rigid ideological left types, but for myself your conversations are often a breath of fresh air.

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I would advise Putin to go rock star and heighten the drama. He needs a mic tech to come out 3 or 4 times to dutifully check levels while the audience sits there. Make it weird, put some music equipment on stage as well. Perhaps South Brooklyn has a new oligarch resident.... There is a brand spanking new champagne/black Maybach in the neighborhood and it's parked on the street every night. Respect. Another great episode, thanks to you both for all of your work. Happy Fathers Day!

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