Dec 31, 2022 • 1HR 51M

New Year's Fireside Chat with Mark Ames

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Yasha Levine
Evgenia Kovda
A podcast by Evgenia Kovda and Yasha Levine.
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С Новым Годом! С Новым Счастьем!

For the closing episode of 2022, Evgenia and I talked to our good friend Mark Ames.

We touch on a bunch of things — The eXile, his escape from suburban California, him going native in Russia and then re-integrating into America. We also talk quite a bit about journalism in America: how we got screwed over for our Tea Party-Koch scoop, how Mark’s reporting stopped Larry Summer from becoming US Treasury Secretary, and how the American way of silencing journalists can be more sadistic than the Russian way, which is just to kill them.

Happy New Year!

—Yasha Levine

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PS: We’ve published a lot of things this year. A lot of has been related to Putin’s cursed invasion of Ukraine. We also did a bunch Soviet and Russian history, things about my own Ukrainian-Jewish family, and Evgenia’s essays on Russian political culture. We’ve also done some great interviews on the politics of technology. Then there’s been the stuff about California water oligarchs and the Pistachios War doc that will be finished in the first half of 2023.

So to close off the year, I figured I’d go along with media tradition and send out a list of the ten or so things that Evgenia and I published this year that I particularly liked. So here’s 2022 in review. The best of a cursed year. In no particular chronological order: