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While Rob is certainly on to something, the SARS CoV 2 is likely a lab escape from Wuhan during gain-of-function research. The virus (minus the spike protein) is identical to virus data publicised in 2013. The spike protein is identical to the spike protein attached to several virus. The combination of the two is an infinitesimally small probability in nature. I can dig up interesting references if you like. it's impossible to prove either way (with current data) but the statistical likelihood this happened in nature compared to the Wuhan lab is less than 1/1000000. Way less according to some researchers. This doesn't mean it's China as sole responsible party here. The US banned GoF research in 2014 because Fort Detrick was having too many safety protocol breaches. What did we do? Fund existing Wuhan lab research instead. Creating these virii is not a huge feat. It is relatively easy. Many, many were created to study the effects. The scary part of this spike protein is that it can be combined with many different virii and can make them infectious to humans. Frankly, the Chinese and US biological labs know a lot about these possibilities and they specialize in weaponizing them. So, yes, we face an increase in new viral infections from depleting habitat and keeping animals in close quarters, we also in researching those potential risks we have created yet more risk.

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