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Hi Yasha,

I like the idea of this project too- it sounds like just the right next focus, and I look forward to reading it.

Having spent my entire adult life living in other peoples’ cultures and countries - and for other reasons- I have long been fascinated by so many aspects of the culture clashes and adjustments people make, at personal and wider social level.

One theme I would invite you to ponder in this project is the question of individual identity vs social conformity which seems so acute when living in ‘new’ country: how much of what I thought was ‘my own’ culture - and part of my own identity - will I give up for the sake of adapting to my host country? For me this has been a life time’s question, gradually resulting in quite a lot of change in what I think of as my identity. Often it seems to me there is a sort of colonisation element- I.e. a sense of wanting to fit in and be accepted in the host culture, as if one’s mentality were colonised by the host country culture. I think you have commented sometimes about this wish to fit in making people vulnerable to becoming subservient to the purposes of big power . One of my former economic history professors made a strong case that rapid economic growth in the US in late 19th early 20th cent was assisted by the development of a mass market driven by the desire for conformity - ‘to be American ‘- in all things among the masses of waves of immigration.

Anyhow, I like your idea.

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This is awesome! Can’t wait to read and recommend to fellow weaponized Soviet Jews who have decided to expel me from my own family 🙃!

Love the book design!

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Great idea!

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Haha nice cover.

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Not an easy task. Will you name specific names also?

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It's a GREAT idea! And I think you are finally ready for this project!

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