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I can't tell you how helpful your writings and podcasts have been for me the last few months. I have appreciated your perspectives over the past few years--and sometimes felt compelled to thank you for your (both of you) rare, searching kind of honestly, including intellectual honesty. Now I appreciate it more than ever. Thanks so much..

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I just shipped a piece of 'high end' audio/stereo equipment that I made to a guy in Finland last month. I sent him a message asking what he thinks of all this and haven't heard back.

I wonder if Hungary will vote "No."

Another aspect of people just going on with their lives (when not affixing Ukraine flags to their social media accounts and actively arguing the standard corporate MSM/Borg position) is that we're being utterly hammered with dis/misinformation and propaganda on a scale I've never seen before in the MSM; and I was very politically active and aware during the runup to the invasion of Iraq when ISPs were cutting off websites for the crime of showing flag-draped caskets coming home and people as popular as Phil Donahue were effectively being censored or 'canceled.' Also any Google searches for what I'll call non-conforming information that - just two years ago seemed to be accepted doctrine and published by respectable legacy outlets - yields nothing but a flood of articles saying exactly the same thing, with the previously easy to find info either buried or disappeared.

It's really hard to find any accurate information on what's going on there and not a single one of my acquaintances seems to be concerned in the least with the $53Bn in 'lethal aid' that "we" are sending there, much less into whose hands this weaponry actually ends up falling. Meanwhile there's no infant formula, inflation is sky high and nothing has been done about healthcare, higher ed, debt servitude, massive government/silicon valley surveillance, etc. It's dystopian indeed.

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