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An Albertan friend (also a member of the Communist Party) informed me a few years ago that Freeland's mom (Chomiak's daughter) went off the fascist rails and became a Trot. Chrystia must have therefore been Grandpa Mike's favorite for her adherence. [I see Chrystia's mother got further mention in the interview.]

I didn't know this at the time but was quite angered by Foreign Minister Stephané Dion's dismissal in favor of Freeland---it was something at the time I assumed was D.C.-inspired and still do---but only recently I came to find out that Bill Browder took credit for Dion's dismissal for Dion's not snapping into line for Browder's Canadian Magnitsky Act. A point Browder made in threatening European pols with later on.

BTW, this was the final post I made on FB before being permanently banned 4 months + ago.

Weird community standards they have, hmm...?


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