I haven't gotten that far through the episode, but needed to comment here. You have one piece of the water puzzle, which is the sump pump. There are two more pieces: the generator, and the dehumidifier. Inevitably, failures cascade, and the same thing that floods your basement also cuts the power and turns off the sump pump. So you need a generator; Honda makes the standard one. You have to run it once a week for 15 minutes to keep it in good order, and fill it with 87 octane gas as needed. The final thing you need is a bunch of dehumidifiers, 1-2 per floor. Otherwise, things start to rot from the overall humidity without their needing to fall into water. So, a house in the Hudson River Valley may actually consume as much electricity as a house in Scottsdale, AZ with air-conditioning full blast. (I think that the population shift out of Arizona once it starts hitting 130 degrees at noonday will be the biggest ad-hoc migration since the Dust Bowl.)

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Harlem USA here. Welcome to New York y’all!

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Good water talk... On the East Coast and much of the northern "Yankee" states, from Mass to Ohio to Minnesota, there's "lots of water" compared to west of the Missouri River. Everybody needs a sump pump to keep the basements dry. The history of Albany, Hudson, Poughkeepsie, Fishkill (the NYC water grab) is a fascinating land exchange over the years.

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I like the "Unabombers of podcasting"..Has a nice ring to it :D.

I have mixed feelings sometimes about the content machine where it helps some genuinely starving artist/writer adjacent human.

But really I think sometimes these are people who exist only in my inflamed and overly romantic imagination and all content just exists to assist some bloated media parasite (Musk/Andreessen/Zuckerberg/Page etc) in buying new pairs of silken underwear for each time they need a diaper change.

Though a token fig leaf/cool project or so might exist and I support the token fig leafs as some of us may owe our own outside-a-lunatic-asylum status to such gifts. But extra content or apps or more parasitic constant invasion/expansion based on outside loony bin status..fuck no.

If I weren't following you guys/Joe Costello on Substack I would delete the account.

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Sorry for posting here but: both podcast feeds are empty in my podcast player. Do you not have an rss feed I can plug into the podcast app?

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No sump pump

No sump pump advice from me - actually need a sump pump myself, attached to my rectum - Jesus I’m constipated. Really should read up on medication side effects because the doc who prescribed it sure hadn’t. But then, I’m a complicated case - after a home visit (I’m in Norway) my GP applied for disability.

But enough about me!

Curating - highly recommend Thomas de Zengotita’s book _Mediated:How the Media Shapes Your World and the Way You Live in it.

He wrote it in 2005 - think he came up with the term “the Blob.” It didn’t sell well because he couldn’t come up with a solution.

Lex Fridman- three hours with Zuckerberg???

Naked Capitalism- subscribed and read it for years but enough already. One of my last posts there was some lines from Big Blood’s Sick With Information.

Sick with information, pleading fora sign

Bending to the stars, looking to the sky

Maybe we’ll become different next time

Something gentle, something kind.


Hang in there you two - love your podcast.

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