Dec 2, 2021Liked by Yasha Levine

Hey man, sorry not trying to be a pest and I could've missed something, but when do you think the pistachio (film still I hope?) thing coming out? I've been eagerly awaiting it ever since you first talked about it. I guess I should probably explain exactly why. I'm really into western American history and find the state of California's particularly entrancing and maddening. Much of that state's land was stolen by legal, extra-legal and deadly measures and the thieves still hold the majority of it, if not even more now. Also what happens in the central valley(s) of the state don't get talked about much in the news as all we're ever told about are the coastal cities and LA. I've also been into neo-noir (and the particular sub-genre Cali-noir going back to "Chinatown" for me) for a long time and my interest was rekindled or reawakened when HBO dropped the "Perry Mason" series a few years ago set in the post-WWI, pre-WWII period on Southern California. Really looking forward to the fruition of your project.

Re: PG&E, you may already know this, but the vast bulk of non-Californians who follow the MSM (and especially RWM) appear to think that it's state-owned and yet another example of the commies in Cali ruining things and burning the state down (literally). That it's just another rapacious for-profit corporation isn't part of their narrative. Hmm...wonder why.

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