Weaponized Immigrants: Uyghur Edition

Speaking of weaponized immigrants, Ajit Singh over the Grayzone has a great write-up of ultra-weaponized Uyghur activists in America — people who’ve made common cause with the FBI, CIA spinoffs, Christian fundamentalists, Trumpists, and all sorts of paramilitary trainers and anti-Muslim pols. A few of these Uyghur activists came to people’s attention in late March in Washington DC, when they counterprotested a Stop Asian Hate rally by screaming “Fuck China!” and “Wipe out China!” out of their cars, which just so happened to be lovingly adorned with American flags.

As Ajit explains in “US-funded Uyghur activists train as gun-toting foot soldiers for empire”…

Leading figures of the UAA (Uyghur American Association) operate a right-wing gun club known as Altay Defense. Proudly dressed in US military fatigues, Altay Defense drill in advanced combat techniques with former members of US special forces who also train private mercenaries and active duty US service members. Members of the militia-style gun club espouse pro-Trump politics and anti-immigrant resentment.

The UAA is the US-affiliate of the World Uyghur Congress (WUC), an international network whose first president outlined an objective to precipitate the “fall of China” and establish an ethno-state in Xinjiang. The recipient of millions of dollars of funding the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a US government-sponsored entity, this network works closely with Washington and other Western governments to escalate hostilities with China.

…Behind its carefully constructed image as a peaceful human rights movement, the UAA and its offshoots in the DC-based Uyghur separatist lobby are driven by far-right ideology and envision themselves as militant foot soldiers for empire.

…Despite claiming to be the international representatives of Xinjiang’s predominantly Muslim, Uyghur ethnic group, and struggling against religious persecution, Altay and his comrades have routinely teamed up with far-right, Islamophobic forces in the US to advance their separatist campaign. 

The UAA has worked closely with Republican Rep. Ted Yoho, a homophobic, anti-abortion ultra-conservative who once told a Black constituent that he was not sure if the Civil Rights Act was constitutional. Yoho was one of only four lawmakers to vote againstlegislation making lynching a federal hate crime. In a high-profile dust-up on Capitol Hill, he reportedly called Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a “fucking bitch.” In 2019, Yoho was one of 24 members of Congress to vote against a resolution condemning bigotry because it included anti-Muslim discrimination.

…Altay Defense receives instruction from James Lang, a former US Army Ranger who served in Afghanistan and Iraq and works as a firearm instructor for the US Department of Defense. Lang also operates Ridgeline Security Consultants, which provides firearms and tactical training to “prepare law enforcement officers [and] armed security professionals […] to survive and win deadly force confrontations.”

Leaving little to the imagination, UAA members conduct training using assault rifles while dressed in official-seeming battle dress fatigues bearing the US flag.

It’s a great in-depth write-up and it’s worth a read in full. Among other things, it has a lot of cool weaponized immigrants with weapons (and Nancy Pelosi) Instagram posts. What Ajit uncovered has all the trappings of a Holy Insurgency Against the Great Red Mongoloid Communist Devil! Praised be Yahweh!

On a more general note, the anti-China campaign keeps growing. Joe Biden’s team has continued Trump’s escalation without so much as a hiccup — and it’s done so with buy-ins from just about every respectable corner of our society: the right, the liberal center, the prog-left. There is immense pressure to join in — or to keep quiet about it. I’ve had readers of this newsletter yell at me and then cancel their subscriptions over what they see as me being soft on Chinese evil deeds. And the volume…

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—Yasha Levine

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