Twitter rejects my censorship appeal

Immigrants as a Weapon meets Surveillance Valley and...Surveillance Valley wins.

After about 24 hours of deliberation, the censorship overlords of Twitter decided to keep my account locked and inaccessible. If I want to regain access to the platform, I must delete my violating tweet. No other appeals are allowed.

Annoying as it is, this incident is instructive. It shows to what degree we’ve outsourced our political and cultural norms to unaccountable Internet megacorps — oligarchic entities that now have final say in what is considered acceptable and unacceptable speech in a public forum. No appeals allowed.

I wonder if I should beg the Atlantic Council to intervene on my behalf? A well-placed tax deductible “donation” to this illustrious think-tank will probably fix the problem. The question: how much will it cost?

—Yasha Levine

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