The spectacle of our imperial oligarchy thrashing against itself.

I’d say this “coup” was fun to watch, but I’m increasingly bored by these never-ending cycles of crisis politics. We have no power over any of it. We're just passive consumers of crisis content.

So I sat down yesterday to try to finish a series I’ve been working on about Palestine and Soviet immigration, but this decaying republic got me glued to my Perky Pat Layout again.

This time it was the spectacle of DC — our oligarchy’s imperial capital and the source of so much death and destruction in the world — getting raided by a bunch of disorganized MAGA activists, who themselves had been whipped up into a frenzy by this very same oligarchy. Yep, the oligarchy thrashing against itself, keeping its serfs busy with culture wars and nativist conspiracies, while it loots and plunders and continues on its mission to eradicate all life on our planet.

Yesterday did offer a bit of schadenfreude — a PG parody version of the real, deadly coups and assaults that America’s been exporting to countries around the world and selling as democracy. And not surprisingly many of America’s active and failed allies in those conflicts — the weaponized immigrants who live here and who receive ample support from our imperial state — were present at the rally and the storming of the gates: spooky Falun Gong and Epoch Times types, US-backed Iranian terrorist-cultists, Cuban and Venezuelan right-wingers, South Vietnamese die hards, and even Georgians…I’m guessing supporters of the color revolutionary Mikheil Saakashvili. Our democracy chickens — deformed and pumped full of hormones and antibiotics — coming home to roost!

It was a clown show, and it ended with one woman getting a bullet pumped into her chest — a surprisingly low body count for this kind of high-stakes melee.

While watching I immediately started wondering how long it would take before the other side, the libs who are about to take power, started blaming this on some foreign power or communism or started spewing some other panicked nativistic garbage. Welp, it didn’t take long. Less than an hour? Thirty minutes? Maybe ten? There was so much of it, it was hard to keep track.

But I give you…

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—Yasha Levine