The Soviet Jew

The family visiting the Vatican on a day trip from our refugee camp, 1989.

Table of Contents


  1. Gonna serialize a book about Soviet Jews and my family's weaponized immigrant story

Chapter One: Why?

  1. Victims of Communism

  2. The Personal is Political

  3. An immigrant living through American decline

Chapter Two: Ancestors

  1. The Old Country

  2. Lev Trotsky and the forgotten Jews

  3. Fixing the czar’s carriage

  4. A boy from Belarus

  5. My Ukrainian grandma and our lost history of pogroms

  6. Parallel realities: Nabokov and what the Russian aristocracy was doing during those Civil War pogroms

  7. Lenin: Respect Ukrainian peasants, treat the Jews with an iron rod

  8. White Russian “saviors”

  9. The Holodomor and the erasure of Jewish victims

  10. “To the kikes, flow the riches. And the peasants, they’re treated like bitches.”

  11. Working the GULAGs: A brief, depressing outline of my grandfather’s life

  12. more…

Chapter Three: The Op Save the Jews

  1. A personal history:

    1. Part One: A saved Soviet Jew goes to Israel

    2. Part Two: Soviet Jews and a Zionist Population Transfer Dream Deferred

    3. Part Three: Zionists, Palestinian kidnappers, and the forced migration of Soviet Jews to Israel

    4. Part Four: Soviet immigrant camps and how I got into journalism

    5. Part Five: America's ban on Soviet Jews

  2. The Israeli campaign to influence American Jews:

    1. How Israeli agents in America helped seed the myth of Soviet Jewish genocide

    2. Soviet policy threatens the Jewish group with extinction.”

    3. Elie Wiesel's Israeli propaganda and the myth of Soviet genocide against the Jews

    4. When Martin Luther King got sucked into an Israeli propaganda op

    5. Whipping up the Soviet Jewish genocide myth

  3. Zionism in the USSR

    1. Soviet Jews who fled Israel back to the USSR

    2. How Soviet Jews got zapped by Zionism

More to come…

Notes and various bits and pieces, reverse chronological order: