Preview: "The International Kingdom of Judah has always been in one yoke with the Muscovite Tsardom of Satan"


UPDATE: Listen to the full interview here.

I just recorded an interview with Alex Boykowich, who was one of the Ukrainian Canadians responsible for surfacing information about Chrystia Freeland’s Nazi collaborator grandfather a few years ago when he stumbled onto it in the archives.

Chrystia Freeland, is of course, Canada’s deputy prime minister. And as it turns out, she has spent most of her career — first as a journalist, then as Canada’s powerful Foreign Minister, and now as as Deputy Prime Minister — praising her grandfather’s legacy and whitewashing his past.

Alex’s find caused a minor political scandal in Canada, which was immediately blamed on Putin and Russian disinformation.

I’ll be publishing the full interview soon — the first in what’ll be an ongoing Immigrants as a Weapon podcast/interview series.

Meanwhile, here’s a tiny preview. In it Alex reads from an editorial published in a Nazi newspaper run by Chrystia’s grandpa that rants about “Satan,” the “International Kingdom of Judah,” and the Jews’ appetite for innocent Christian blood.

What are weaponized nationalists for — if not for ranting about Jews and Satan?

—Yasha Levine

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