Listen to me on TrueAnon talking about soft power, anti-communism, Internet Freedom...

It's what the kids are into these days!

I went on TrueAnon when I was in San Francisco last week — a pod hosted by the great Liz Franczak and Brace Belden (aka the infamous PissPigGranddad). We talked about a lot of things. Immigration, nationalism, Soviet Jews, Internet Freedom, American soft power, anti-communist regime changers, my book Surveillance Valley. Hard to summarize. We covered a lot of ground. Just know that Liz and Brace run a mean interview.

One thing I want to note: I talked about the idea that Israel’s occupation of Palestine feels like a fucked mashup of Paul Verhoeven’ Total Recall and Starship Troopers — with a bit of Andrew Niccol’s In Time thrown in for good measure. This was totally Evgenia’s idea. We saw this sunny fascism firsthand when we went to the West Bank together a few months back. Anyway, I admit I stole and used it. And I plan to use it again. But given that yesterday was Women’s Day, I figured I might as well come clean. Happy 8 Марта baby!

—Yasha Levine

The wall that runs right through Bethelham. That cannon on the top is remote-controlled and sprays a chemical “skunk juice,” a weapon that locals say smells so bad it makes you dizzy and stays with you for days. The gate can open up at any time to let in armored vehicles and soldiers, who use the conveniently placed concrete sniper barriers. Just a regular, totally sovereign street in Palestine.

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