Gone "Red Scare"

I talk to Anna and Dasha about the Internet and Russian immigrant culture.

Earlier this week I went on Red Scare — the “problematic” podcast hosted by Anna Khachiyan and Dasha Nekrasova.

We talked about my book Surveillance Valley, cultural notions of privacy, and the degenerate politics of the Internet. All three of us grew up as Soviet/Russian immigrants here in the greatest country on earth, so we chatted about immigrant culture and Russiagate, and I related some of my petty childhood criminal immigrant stories — including how I perjured myself on the stand in juvenile court to protect a fellow immigrant kid from incarceration for a crime that he actually did commit.

Sadly, the episode is behind a paywall.

—Yasha Levine

PS: If you follow the insane politics of woke anon-o-antifash Twitter, you probably know that my eXile connection already made me a major player in the DUGINIST-NAZBOL-ENTRYIST-RED BROWN-KREMLIN AGENT conspiracy theory. I’m part of the plot to institute a thousand year asiatic-fascist rule here in America!

So the question is: Does going on Red Scare make me more Duginist? Or does it make Anna and Dasha more Duginist? No simple answers here.

Me and my underage immigrant crew rolling deep in the Richmond District, San Francisco. This is probably 1997.

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