weaponized immigrant
(In bed with) the Russians
Breeders in decline

Breeders in decline

We talk about the western phenomenon of “the MILF,” American malaise, and how grandparents are the new parents. Then we chat about Russian politics and a new documentary series released by Alexei Navalny’s movement — The Traitors — which expands on a very late realization Navalny had while in prison: that Yeltsin’s criminal privatization of Soviet wealth in the 1990s is the source of Putin’s power today. So far the series is great, really the first thing that’s deep and historical to come out of that movement, and it has been tearing Russia’s liberal opposition apart, pitting Navalny’s people against their usual allies: old school liberals who backed Yeltsin and the original oligarchs…people who see Putin as some kind of demonic aberration rather than what he really is: a continuation of that original sin.

We talked about Navalny’s politics before…

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weaponized immigrant
(In bed with) the Russians
Bedtime stories with Evgenia and Yasha.
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