A lost cache of stickers

I was going through some boxes and papers when I found a lost cache of stickers I had printed over of the years, going back to my Surveillance Valley days. The weaponized Yasha-the-immigrant and the confused rat stickers are Evgenia’s creations. The rest are drawn by Brad Jonas.

They’re great and they shouldn’t be sitting in the dark getting gnawed by LA’s termites. So I figured I’d give them away to subscribers.

So here’s the deal:

  • If you’re a monthly subscriber, you can choose any one of the stickers.

  • Yearly subscribers can choose two.

  • Oligarch-level supporters get the whole package, which is only natural. You’re an oligarch. You get it all!

If you haven’t subscribed already, do it! And then send me a note at yasha@substack.com and tell me what stickers you want.

Thanks for your support! Now go deface something.

—Yasha Levine

PS: I don’t have an unlimited supply of these things so if I run out by the time you get in touch, my apologies.